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A two week study of weight loss participants showed that those whose sleep quantity or quality was poor lost 55% LESS fat than those whose sleep was dialed in. 

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“I’m eating right and exercising but my weight won’t budge!”

Nutrition and exercise get all of the attention when it comes to weight loss and fitness. That is, until people realize that they’re “doing everything right” and still not getting the results they want.

Or, you already know your sleep is broken because you can feel it — mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Failing to prioritize sleep or struggling with ongoing sleep issues locks fat in your fat cells (especially in your belly), makes you crave sugar and processed foods (aha!), kills your productivity and focus, sets you up for preventable disease, and sabotages your mental health.

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Sleep is 30% of the puzzle. In other words, it’s CRITICAL.

Discover How to Reboot Your Brain, Body, and Bedroom for the Deepest Sleep You’ve Ever Had.

REM Rehab is the most effective sleep guide available, featuring years of research, interviews with sleep experts, and feedback-based development. In as little as 30 days, you’ll go from a sleep disaster to a sleep master.

Open REM Rehab and discover:

  • The dark side of poor sleep — exactly what it does to your body (in laymans terms) that makes you fat and sick.
  • The dozens of hidden actions you take each and every day that rob you of sleep and how to fix them.
  • How to eat specifically for better, deeper, more restorative sleep — which foods to include and which to avoid.
  • What a perfect bedtime routine looks like from 2 hours out — a step by step guide to setting yourself up for success.
  • How to “calibrate your cave” and build an environment for PERFECT sleep, every single night.
  • Sleep hacks, strategic supplementation, advice for dealing with specific sleep problems, and SO MUCH MORE

The result? You’re going to make simple adjustments to how you eat and how you live to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer.

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Chapter One: Introduction

What does poor sleep look like in the real world? Why is it so difficult to prioritize sleep in our modern lives? What are the cycles of sleep and how do they work? Chapter one is an introduction to the necessity of sleep with a strong focus on understanding what’s supposed to happen versus what’s actually happening.


Chapter Two: At Your Worst

You have NO idea the degree to which sleep is messing with your weight, your health, your energy, or your focus. If you don’t currently prioritize sleep, you will after reading this chapter! And we give you two very clear action steps that ensure sleep becomes — and stays — a priority in your life.


Chapter Three: Slumber Slip Ups

Many people sleep poorly because of dozens of mistakes they make throughout the day that impact sleep quality. We walk you through a typical day in the life of men and women just like you and point out crucial sleep mistakes — including the TOP 6 nearly EVERYONE is making — and how to fix them.


Chapter Four: Eating For Sleeping

A comprehensive guide on how food impacts sleep, the role of hormones in sleep, the role one very important amino acid and one very important neurotransmitter, plus 7 very clear and easy-to-implement guidelines for eating for the best sleep of your life.


Chapter Five: Calibrate Your Cave

Once you’ve fixed the common lifestyle mistakes people make and revamped your eating for amazing sleep, it’s time to reboot your bedroom. We lay out the TOP 10 changes you should make to your sleeping area to create an environment that oozes success.


Chapter Six: Revamp Your Routine

Want a clear, step by step approach to sleep preparation starting from sundown to when you hit the sheets? It’s all covered in Revamp Your Routine — discover how to create a BULLETPROOF sleep routine that helps you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer.


Chapter Seven: Hack Your Hibernation

This was one of our favorite chapters to write — it’s all about strategic supplementation and more advanced behaviors to “hack your sleep.” It also includes a “damage control” guide — action steps to take if you happen to sleep poorly on any given night.


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Includes over 4 hours of Bonus Audio Content!

Hear exclusive audio interviews with sleep experts — an expanded
discussion about important topics covered in the guide.


Dr. Tim Gerstmar – Naturopathic Doctor

Evan and Dr. Tim discuss the behaviors that benefit or negatively impact sleep. We discuss some of the potential supplement recommendations and why they work. We also discuss commonly prescribed medications that may reduce the quality or quantity of sleep and and talk about the role for these medications in your life. Also covered is dietary needs for optimal sleep and how certain raw materials are necessary to produce the neurotransmitters that foster a calm and relaxed nervous system. We also cover alcohol and it’s relationship with sleep and how it integrates into someone’s sleep routine.


Wendy Myers – Certified Holistic Health Coach

Toxins are prevalent everywhere in modern society. From the drinking water to the hidden toxins found in your health care products, all of these affect us in many different ways. We cover some issues with heavy metal toxicity and sleep quality and what to do about it. We also talk about how to develop a night routine to allow you to slip into serious slumber.


Beverly Meyer – Clinical Holistic Health Counselor

Your bedding materials play a huge role in your sleep quality. Becoming too warm in the middle of the night can wake you up and prevent you from going through the proper cyclical pattern in and out of REM. Beverly has some practices that she uses on her clients that may seem simple, but they hold immense power for helping fix epidemic sleep impairments such as snoring, mild sleep apnea and other tangential issues.


Dr. Tony Maxwell and Dr. Leslie Maxwell – Chiropractors

Chiropractors Dr. Tony and Dr. Leslie Maxwell talk with Evan about the postural aspects of health for rest and recovery. They discuss sleeping positions and how each position may help or hurt you. We also discuss personal trials with neurotransmitter modulating supplements that can knock a bout of insomnia and anxiety on it’s back. We also discuss mineral treatments including some surprising benefits of magnesium flake baths. Lastly we talk about self-therapy techniques and stretches that you can perform from the comfort of your home that will relieve physical ailments preventing you from attaining a restful state.

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